7 Tips for Staying Active While Pregnant

7 Tips for Staying Active While Pregnant

Staying active while pregnant continues to be high on my list of priorities as I get ready to meet our baby boy. I am only 7 weeks away from that day (give or take), and while I have slowed down significantly, I am still moving every single day. Some of my go-to exercises on busier days include aΒ  couple laps around my work building during lunch or a quick, 20-minute yoga video at home before making dinner. I know that once Henry is here, working out will become even more difficult to squeeze into my daily schedule.

Maintaining a strong foundation of exercise has played an important role both in my physical well-being as well as my mental preparedness for the birth of my son. There are so many things that have been out of control since becoming pregnant and I know that number will only increase once I give birth. Staying healthy and active for as long as my body will let me is one thing that I can control as I continue on my journey towards mommyhood. If you are on that same journey, here are some tips that have helped me stay active while pregnant:


Stay Hydrated with More Than Just Water

I found out very quickly how much hydration you need while pregnant. I drank over 100 oz. of water a day before pregnancy and that number just keeps going up! A few of my preggo obsessions include Zico Chocolate Coconut water and the bottles of Agua Fresca at Trader Joe’s. I love mixing their Strawberry Lime flavor with some lime sparkling water, a squeeze of lime, and mint. It makes for a great, lazy mocktail!

Don’t Underestimate Walking (or Hiking!)

Walking has become one of my favorite exercises to do while pregnant. After 12 weeks I stopped running because the bouncing sensation became too uncomfortable and I was getting overheated and winded too quickly. I go on one long walk during the week and another long walk or hike on the weekend. While at work I do a lap around our building during lunch and also conduct meetings while walking! Depending on my mood I’ll listen to classical music or one of my favorite podcasts. Though my pace has slowed down recently, I’ll try and incorporate hills as well as spurts of power walking. Practicing paced and patternedΒ breathing during my walks is also a good way to prepare for the birth!

Modification is Key

One of my all-time favorite life mottos is “You can do anything, but not everything.” Since slow is my word of the year, I am reminding myself to slow down each day, including in my workouts. Going on walks instead of runs, hiking 2-4 miles instead of 5-8, and doing all the modifications in some of my favorite PopSugar Fitness workouts are some of the ways I have been switching u my exercise routine since becoming pregnant.

Add Yoga to Your Routine

Speaking of modifying, one of the easiest exercises to modify, in my opinion, is yoga. Stretching is so good for pregnant women and integrating a weekly yoga practice into your workout routine is so beneficial. From lengthening those tight hips and taking time to center your mind when hormones start to take hold, yoga is the perfect exercise for pregnant women. You don’t have to do a whole hour in a studio either! This prenatal yoga video has been my go-to at home sequence.

Move Every Day

Even if it’s just a 10-minute quiet workout routine while you’re waiting for dinner to cook or a 20-minute morning yoga sequence, making sure to move every day not only helps with those pesky aches and pains of pregnancy, it also makes it easier to keep a consistent workout routine!

Keep Go-To Snacks on Hand

In addition to refreshing beverages, my favorite go-to preggo snacks include: Greek yogurt sprinkled with almonds or trail mix, homemade smoothies or smoothie bowls (also love the ones from Nekter!), sliced apple with almond butter, non-dairy ice cream or frozen yogurt with berries, protein bars (NuGo’s mint chocolate flavorΒ and One Protein Bar’s maple glazed donut), a bowl of Trader Joe’s coconut chia cereal (a constant craving!), and veggies with lots of water (cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, and celery).

Get Outside and Have Fun!

This may be easier said than done for those of you in parts of the country with below freezing temperatures, but exercising outside is good for the body and your spirit! There have been several days in the course of my pregnancy when my emotions have got the better of me. On those days I was able to lift my mood by stepping outside, getting my blood pumping, and soaking in a little sunshine. Additionally, being pregnant I am constantly reading about all the things I can’t eat or can’t do. Having fun on the weekends while doing the things that I love, like hiking, has allowed me to stay active and positive throughout my pregnancy. This hilarious blog has a great list of some other things that you CAN do while preggo πŸ˜‰

Do you have any tips for staying active while pregnant? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

In Love, Peace, and a Health Pregnancy ~ xo

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