Camping in Yosemite: Upper Pines Campground

Camping in Yosemite: Upper Pines Campground

Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite is a tight-knit site covered with pine trees and has easy access to some of the park’s best hiking trails.

My husband, sister, brother, and I camped at Upper Pines Campground for 3 days and 2 nights in mid-May. Although it dipped below 30 degrees the first evening of our stay, the cool weather was perfect for huddling around the campfire at night and hiking during the day. Upper Pines Campground is only half a mile away from the start of Mist Trail, which takes you to Vernal and Nevada Falls. We arrived at our campsite in the late afternoon on Friday, set up camp, and still had time to check out the surrounding area before dark.

Forested Area near Upper Pines Campground

In addition to being close to the Mist Trail, Upper Pines Campground is close to Happy Isles Trail, which runs across and alongside Merced River. We took our time exploring the path, thick with trees and abundantly green, while also admiring the rushing water of the river below. Happy Isles Trail was just about 2 miles round trip from our campsite, so it was the perfect evening excursion before our big day of hiking on Saturday.

Bridge Across Merced River along Happy Isles Trail

Wet and exhausted from hiking five hours to Vernal and Nevada Falls, we hoofed back to our campsite on Saturday, happy to dry off and get a fire going for dinner. I love planning meals in general so preparing and packing food for camping is a welcomed challenge. We ate banana coconut muffins and hard-boiled eggs both mornings, lunch after our hike was soup and chicken sandwiches, lunch on our last day was canned tuna with relish and crackers, dinner our first night was tacos (I pre-cooked the taco meat beforehand), and dinner on Saturday night was sausages and baked beans aka the perfect campfire meal πŸ˜‰


Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite came recommended to me by a co-worker and we were so happy with our stay there. I hope you too get a chance to camp at Upper Pines and get in a hike (or two!) surrounded by the majestic landscape of Yosemite National Park.

In Love, Peace, and Camping ~ xo


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