Hiking Badlands Park Trail

Hiking Badlands Park Trail

Badlands Park Trail is an easy, 2-mile hike conveniently located in a residential neighborhood with sweeping views of Laguna Canyon and the Pacific Ocean. We hiked Badlands Park Trail on New Year’s Day, keeping up with the tradition we started last year when we hiked Sendero Loop and Ladera Ranch Trails. When I looked at the map of this hike on the All Trails app it showed 3.1 miles of out and back trail in both directions. What we found, however, is that after hiking to the right of the Badlands Park, then tracing back our steps and hiking the portion to the left of the park, it only totaled 2 miles.

Badlands Park Trail Entrance

Nonetheless, the views we got to enjoy during those 2 miles were magnificent. There were plenty of other hikers taking advantage of the beautiful weather we had on the first day of 2018, but the trail wasn’t overcrowded. We started our hike by taking the trail that extends to the right of Badlands Park, which is the longest portion of the trail. To ourΒ left, we got to take in the stunning, blue water of the Pacific and, straight ahead, the dark, blue and green rolling hills of Laguna Canyon.

Although I was hoping for 3 miles of hiking that morning, I was happy just for the opportunity to take my baby boy bump outside, considering how freezing the rest of the country was and still is!

To the left of Badlands Park Trailhead is an expanse of sandstone rock that, after walking through it, also counted towards our 2-mile roundtrip hike. It is because of the presence of this ancient beach 780 feet above sea level that the trail and adjacent park gets its name. Apparently, during the 60’s and 70’s, it was a popular spot for local kids to ditch school and hang out. There were a few groups of young people relaxing on the curves of hardened sand while we explored the small, yet other-worldly stretch of cliffs and ridges.

Ancient Sandstone Beach at Badlands Park Trail

Did you hike Badlands Park Trail? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

In Love, Peace, and New Year Hiking ~ xo

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