Hiking Boat Road to Bommer Ridge Trail Loop

Hiking Boat Road to Bommer Ridge Trail Loop

Boat Road to Bommer Ridge Trail Loop is just as beautiful as it is challenging. To top is off it has one of the best coastline views in Laguna Beach. We were lucky enough to start our hike accompanied by a remaining marine layer and, with a 9-mile hike ahead of us, we were grateful for the ocean breeze and temporary reprieve from the sun.

Before getting to Boat Road, there is a steep incline along Spur Ridge trail that is mostly gravel. Once you reach the end of that trail, Boat Road is to the right, however, we went left toward Guna Peak to witness the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean below. You can shave off about 1/2 mile from this hike if you skip this part, but why would you want to do that?

View from Guna Peak

Once we started our journey on Boat Road, the incline continued, though more moderate this time around and with just as many valleys as hills so we could catch our breath and rest our legs. Boat Road stretches approximately 3 miles before it intersects with Bommer Ridge trail. We turned left on Bommer Ridge to continue our hike and complete “lollipop-shaped” loop that this hike is known for.

Bommer Ridge Trail

Emerald Canyon Trail

We have hiked Bommer Ridge while hiking in Crystal Cove State Park and it is a difficult trail no matter where you start hiking along it. This portion of Bommer Ridge connects to Emerald Canyon Trail, where we turned left. Emerald Canyon is all downhill, but that changes pretty quickly as soon as you make another left and start trekking up Old Emerald trail.

The loop we hiked looks like a lollipop when drawn on a map. While we weren’t craving sweets during our return trip, we could not stop thinking about an ice cold beer and tacos. At the end of our hike, we drove back onto PCH and ate lunch at Taco Loco. I would highly recommend their Seabass tacos with a glass of Sangria.

Speaking of our post-hike lunch, I wouldn’t have been able to power through the last leg of our trip without a quick snack. GoMacro’s vegan protein bars are one of my favorite ways to keep my energy up while on an outdoor adventure. They are good for you and taste good too! My go-to flavor is Protein Pleasure, which tastes exactly like a peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.

Did you hike Boat Road to Bommer Ridge Trail Loop? If so, I would love to hear from you!

In Love, Peace, & Hiking

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