Hiking Hoapili Trail in La Perouse Bay

Hiking Hoapili Trail in La Perouse Bay

Hoapili Trail in La Perouse Bay is made up of dark lava rock and features views of grand, green mountains, a wild, tangled forest, and a choppy, blue ocean.

In preparation for our trip to Maui, I scoured the internet and talked to as many friends who have visited and lived there to find the best hikes in the area. One trail that I read about and was told we had to check out was Hoapili Trail in La Perouse Bay. We were not prepared for the unique and stunning beauty we got to witness during our hike. The whole trail is made up of hardened lava, turned into rock, which was made even more lovely contrasted against the bright white and blue ocean waves.

Wild Goats in the Forest along Hoapili Trail

Between the picturesque beach and the majestic mountain range visible throughout our whole journey, it was hard deciding which way to look while hiking Hoapili Trail. The trail spanned alongside beaches and bays and was accented in parts by a twisted forest. All the trees I saw in Hawaii looked like they should have been on the set of a fantasy movie. The branches of some even grew down, through the sand and rock, and came back up; curling wood reaching for the sky.

Hoapili Trail is an out and back trail and, with ocean beside and it and plenty of shade, is a pleasure to hike any time of day. We hiked Hoapili Trail in the afternoon on our first, full day in Maui. We snorkeled that morning, stopped at Maui Brewing Company for a beer, took a nap, and arrived at the La Perouse Bay Parking Lot at 4:00 pm. On our hike back to the car, several people passed us carrying beach chairs, ready to park it on the bay and watch the sunset. On our next trip to Maui, I plan on doing just that 🙂

Did you visit the beautiful island of Maui and hike Hoapili Trail? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Look forward to more posts on our trip to Maui including a hike through a bamboo forest, all the waterfalls we saw on the Road to Hana, and our complete, adventure-packed itinerary!

In Love, Peace, and Hiking ~ xo ~ Mahalo!

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