Hiking Pipiwai Trail (Haleakala National Park)

Hiking Pipiwai Trail (Haleakala National Park)

Pipiwai Trail is nestled in the heart of the Road to Hana and boasts a large banyan tree, a towering bamboo forest, and two breathtaking waterfalls.

Hiking Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls was my favorite part of our Maui vacation. We drove the whole Road to Hana loop on a rainy Monday, our last full day on the island (look forward to our whole itinerary in a later post). A rainy day in Maui is still warm and the rain, like any other island, turned off and on during our journey. We started our hike on Pipiwai Trail at a time when the rain had stopped and the sky was clear. However, the trail is so thick with tropical forest that, if it were raining, it wouldn’t have hindered our journey.

Makahiku Waterfall on Pipiwai Trail

Large Banyan Tree on Pipiwai Trail

As you an see from the infographic above, Pipiwai Trail ticks off everything I look for in a hike. The prize at the end is Waimoku Falls, but along the hike, we were taken aback by the lush beauty that surroundsΒ Makahiku Falls. We had another surprise too when we came across this big-as-a-house Banyan tree along our path.

Bamboo Forest on Pipwai Trail

The natural diversity of Maui continued on Pipiwai Trail when we were greeted by tall, overhanging bamboo. There is something so serene about walking through a bamboo forest. The light turned green as it filtered through the delicate leaves. The willowy stems bent gently towards us as if wishing us well on our hike. Like so many other places we visited in Maui, I will be dreaming of Pipiwai Trail for months to come.

Once you reach the end of Pipiwai Trail, Waimoku Falls is there, in all it’s glory, waiting for you. There is a threshold you have to cross over to get close to the waterfall. The threshold was rushing with water and there was quite a crowd forming, so we chose to admire the falls from a close distance. After a few good pictures, we hiked back to beat the swarm of people. As we completed our drive on the Road to Hana loop, the landscape of Maui continued to awe and inspire.

Waimoku Falls on Pipiwai Trail

Did you venture on the Road to Hana and hike Pipiwai Trail? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

In Love, Peace, and Hiking ~ xo

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