Hiking Serrano Ridge to West Canyon Trail Loop

Hiking Serrano Ridge to West Canyon Trail Loop

Serrano Ridge to West Canyon Trail is a 7-mile loop in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, awash with rolling, green landscape and sprinkled with wildflowers.

I can not get enough of the abundant, greenery that has fallen upon Southern California as a result of this rainy season. I make a habit of hiking most every weekend and over the past few months, I have been hitting the trail each week like clockwork. Luckily, with my mother in tow, we beat the rain on our hike Sunday morning along Serrano Ridge to West Canyon Trail. The sky couldn’t have been clearer and the scenery brighter and, after 3 hours of hiking in the midst of so much breathtaking nature, our moods were also much lighter 🙂

Nix Nature Center

This loop begins on Stagecoach South Trail to the left of the parking lot in front of Nix Nature Center. Stagecoach South consists of a series of switchbacks and the majority of the trail is uphill. This part of the path and others along the loop were damaged due to the rain, so just watch your footing and keep an eye out for mountain bikers!

Stagecoach South Trail

Camarillo Canyon Trail

After Stagecoach South Trail, turn right onto Camarillo Canyon, where the switchbacks continue. I’ve mentioned it in other posts, but I’ll say it again – the incline on this part of the loop comes with a great reward once you reach Serrano Ridge and the trail flattens out. Let’s just say my mom and I would have shaved at least 15 minutes off of our total time hiking this loop if we weren’t gawking at the views.

The top of Camarillo Canyon trail intersects with Serrano Ridge, where you will turn right to continue the loop. I don’t know if it was a result of so much uphill hiking, the picturesque landscape, or a combination of the two; but I swear the air smelled a little sweeter on Serrano Ridge. Make sure you take your time on this trail: breathe deeply, take in your surroundings, and stop to smell those wildflowers.

Serrano Ridge Trail

Serrano Ridge starts off as a flat trail then transitions to an incline, but only briefly before finishing off as a downhill trek until you reach West Canyon trail. Turn right on West Canyon to complete the remaining 2 miles of this hike. This trail goes under two separate overpasses and even runs alongside the entrance to Barbara’s Lake – another popular destination in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The trail is only 1/4 of a mile long, so going out and back along it would only add another 1/2 mile to your trip. As you can tell from the picture below, my mom and I just beat the rain so we were eager to get back to our car.

We ended our hike at 1:00 pm and took the 133 S. back to the 405 N. to get lunch at Whole Foods off of Irvine Center Drive. If you plan on staying in the area, the Irvine Spectrum, just down the street from Whole Foods, has a number of dining options as well as shopping.

Did you hike Serrano Ridge to West Canyon Trail Loop?

If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

In Love, Peace, and Hiking ~ xo


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