Hiking Whispering Hills East Trail

Hiking Whispering Hills East Trail

Whispering Hills East Trail is a 5 mile out and back hike with ocean views and an entrance that is tucked away in the neighborhoods of San Juan Capistrano.

Have you ever been surprised by the place you call home? We have lived in close proximity to San Juan Capistrano for 3 years now and there are still hidden gems, like Whispering Hills East Trail, that I had yet to discover. A friend hit me up about going on a hike this past Sunday morning and, determined to try out a new trail, I zoomed in on the entrance to Whispering Hills on Google Maps. Its location is unassuming, but with plenty of hills and sweeping ocean views, it ended up being the perfect hike to start our day.

Whispering Hills East Trail Entrance

My husband and I have dreams of buying a single family home in San Juan Capistrano some day. I love that city for several reasons, one of which is the laid back and agrarian feel of the community. I also dream of owning a horse in the (hopeful) future and hiking alone the hoof-stamped path of Whispering Hills East Trail pushed that dream into the forefront of my mind.

Even if you do not live in Southern California, you may have still heard of the super bloom our traditionally arid state has been experiencing. There were plenty of wildflowers during our hike on Whispering Hills, in addition to mustard grass weeds over six feet tall! My darling friend stands at approximately 5′ 4″ for reference.

The sheer amount of bright yellow surrounding us was astounding. Along the trail, there are lookout points with benches made so inaccessible by the overgrowth of weeds and flowers. As I passed by, their vacancy and the “cornfield” like nature of our surroundings left me with an eerie, apocalyptic sensation.

View from Turn Around Point on Whispering Hills East Trail

Whispering Hills East Trail, like so many others in San Juan Capistrano, connects to trails in Ladera Ranch as well as San Clemente. If we kept going, we would have continued our hike along Roller Coaster Ridge and Patriot trails. Alas, the life of an adult was calling and we trekked back to my car, grateful for the forgiving sun and smell of salt water during our journey.

Did you hike Whispering Hills East Trail? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

In Love, Peace, and Hiking ~ xo

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