Running San Clemente Beach Trail

Running San Clemente Beach Trail

San Clemente Beach Trail is my favorite place to run solo or walk while catching up with friends. It is a popular destination, so get out in the morning!

San Clemente Beach Trail is not only my favorite beachside trail in Orange County, it is also one of the best ways I know to start the weekend off right! I ran this trail last Sunday morning and came away energized, happy, and even more grateful to live where I do. Getting to San Clemente Beach Trail is easy and parking is cheap! Simply follow the directions to San Clemente Metrolink Station referenced above.

The trail runs alongside train tracks and, around the halfway point, runners and pedestrians have to cross the tracks, so just make sure you are paying attention to your surroundings. On that same note, like I mentioned above, San Clemente Beach Trail is very popular. I started my run at 9:00 am and I was still dodging quite a few strollers, groups of walkers, and big, fluffy dogs –> but who can really complain about that?

View from San Clemente Pier

San Clemente Beach Trail is an out and back path that totals about 5 miles. If you walk or run up the pier as well, you will add another mile or so to your trip. I was in such a good mood running this trail last weekend that I also ran up a set of stairs on the left about half a mile after you start out. Believe me, you will know what I mean when you see them. I would not suggest running these stairs on your way back, but it all depends on your own stamina and experience as a runner.

There are portions of the trail that run alongside the beach. During those parts, I opted to run on the sand to challenge myself and stay away from the crowds. Plus, it gets you just much closer to the water! What better feeling after a long run than dipping your tired toes into ocean waves? I have a feeling San Clemente Beach Trail and I are going to become even better friends this summer 🙂

Did you run or walk San Clemente Beach Trail? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

In Love, Peace, and Running ~ x0

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